Communicating hope, finding solutions, and taking action together.

Now more than ever, the choices we make as a species will determine the world we leave for future generations.

With , the California Academy of Sciences offers a blueprint for a sustainable future.

By focusing on straightforward, effective actions that individuals, communities, businesses, and governments can take to improve our food, water, and energy systems, solutions to these global challenges are in sight.


See sustainability differently.

PlanetVision makes a complex topic accessible—and our future hopeful. Your participation makes the movement stronger.

Planet Vision's action guide

Action Guide

Browse PlanetVisionbet36体育在线真的吗's expert-vetted and and follow us on and for some surprisingly simple ways you can make sustainable choices every day.

A guest looks at the new PlanetVision exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences

Museum Exhibit

The Academy's newest exhibit pairs stories about our food, water, and energy systems with planet-friendly actions anyone can take, from eating less meat to gardening with more mulch.

An educator leads a public program by the T. rex

Public Programs

bet36体育在线真的吗Not sure how to swap out that leaky showerhead? We have a program for that—along with other hands-on demonstrations and activities to help boost anyone's sustainability IQ.

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